Wanted: Sweet Corn Bandits (Raccoons)

IMG_0781(1)Its that time of year again and Wanted: are the Sweet Corn Bandits (Raccoons). Somehow as soon as your sweet corn is about to turn ripe these destructive masked outlaws show up. If you have a large patch such as a few acres of corn, raccoons are not really a problem as there will be enough corn for both you and the many raccoons that will flock to your property. But for the average gardener there is simply not enough time and space to plant enough sweet corn to feed both the themselves and the raccoons. Just a few raccoons can destroy your beautiful patch of sweet corn in just a couple of nights leaving you with nothing but green stalks and tears. Do not let this happen to you, you do not want to be the person who invites company over for dinner but has to feed them store bought sweet corn instead of all natural homegrown sweet gold.

There are ways to deter the raccoons from devouring your sweet corn. The simplest way is from a few days before the corn gets ripe to after you harvest simply sit out there all night long and scare away and raccoons that come close to your garden. A dog would really help in this matter as it would keep you company while you chase the raccoons and hopefully help ward off big foot if he tries to attack you at 2 AM in the morning. But lets be honest this is not a practical way

The best way to beat these masked bandits and that is through trapping and removal. This is what Jesse James Critter Gitters specializes in, we are the law of the garden. We use a combination of different trapping methods and baits to outsmart even the smartest of the Wanted: Sweet Corn Bandits.