Bird Exclusion

Bird exclusion and bird proofing of houses and commercial buildings are very specialized services. Being a Bird and Pest Control company all of our technicians are trained and certified bird removal and exclusion experts. We can handle smaller bird exclusions such as keeping birds out of vents to larger jobs such as keeping birds off of store signs and out of warehouses. Birds can be a major issue in Northern Virginia and the surrounding area. We not only specialize in removing or discouraging the birds but also in bird exclusion and bird proofing.

Most Common Bird Problems We Handle

  • In Vents
  • On Porch
  • In Warehouse
  • Attics
  • House
  • Store
  • On Roof
  • Perching on Signs
  • Commercial buildings
  • In Soffit
  • On Deck

Every Bird problem and requires a different bird control technique. Whether it be a bird nesting in your deck or a bird flying around a store. We have the bird control solutions to fix your problem in Northern Virginia. There are many bird control products we are trained to use including bird guards, visual deterrents, bird spikes, bird netting, electric track and bird repellents. Depending on the type of bird and area the bird is nesting we can determine which options we have.

Bird Exclusion Process

First and foremost before and bird exclusion is done we need to perform a full assessment of the bird problem. This will help us determine the species of bird and and onsite issues that may be attracting birds. Bird control in Loudon County consists mostly of birds in vents with all of the subdivisions that have been going up. Bird Control in Arlington and Alexandria is normally birds such as pigeons nesting on signs and especially birds nesting on balconies and rooftops.

Birds are instinctive creatures that need food, water habitat. If we determine it is easier to change one if these, then that may be a recommendation. It may be as simple as installing lids on trash cans to prevent birds from coming to eat or install bird guards on the vents. In other cases it may be better to install bird repellents or visual bird scaring devices.

When other bird control methods do not work we will look into permanent bird exclusions, this is the installation of sealing of areas where the birds should not be. Such as bird slides when birds are roosting on beams, bird spikes to keep birds off of ledges or electric track to keep buzzards off of building. We can even install bird netting to bird proof entire areas. The bird exclusion and proofing possibilities are endless.

With so many options out there for bird mitigation it is essential that you at least have a bird control company near me come out for an assessment. We specialize in bird control and bird exclusion of all species of birds in Northern Virginia from the City of Fredericksburg all the way through Fairfax to Loudoun County.