Do you have squirrels living in your attic? Does it sound like animals running around on your roof? We are Virginia’s best squirrel removal company. We can remove squirrels from anywhere. Whether it be squirrels in the ceiling, squirrels in the wall or even a squirrel running around in your house. We specialize in not only removing the squirrels but also repairing the squirrel entry points to prevent squirrels from getting in. Our squirrel removal specialist can squirrel proof your house. 

Squirrels are very common home invaders in Virginia. Squirrels can be very destructive in your home and attic so it is important to remove them as quickly as possible. Squirrels are a member of the rodent family, so their teeth are always growing. This causes squirrels to chew on wire and other materials in your attic that could lead to fires. Also, squirrels running around in the attic will damage the insulation. As the squirrels scratch and claw around they will matt down the insulation to where it is ineffective. Squirrels also aren’t potty trained and don’t always go outside to use the bathroom. Over a period of time if squirrels are left in a building it will come covered in their urine in feces. This can lead to a range of health issues. So if you were wondering who to call for squirrel removal in Virginia. You have found the perfect company, we are your one stop shop, professional squirrel removal company. 

Common squirrel problems. 

  •  Attics
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Vents
  • Gutters
  • Squirrel Proofing House
  • Squirrel Chewing on House
  • Squirrel in House
  • Squirrel exclusion
  • Emergency Squirrel Removal

There are many ways a squirrel can get into your home. When you first call our squirrel removal company we will come out and perform a full home assessment. We will determine if it is a squirrel or is it something else, such as a raccoon in the attic. We will also look for the squirrel entry points and list and damage that we find on the exterior of the home. Then we will check inside to see what damage the squirrels have caused. 

After our full squirrel inspection of the home we will come up with our plan of action. There are many different methods to control squirrels in your home. We may trap the squirrels and remove the squirrels. Or we may install squirrel one-way doors that allow the squirrels to get out of the attic but not get back in. Squirrels that we trap and remove are then relocated out into the country. Once we have removed all of the squirrels from the house we will repair any entry points that the squirrels were using to get into the house. 

Once all of the squirrels are gone and all of the entry points are squirrel proof, we will shift gears and begin the squirrel remediation process if needed. Squirrel remediation varies greatly depending on each squirrel in structure scenario. It could be as easy as cleaning up a few squirrel feces to full attic remediations. The best thing to prevent having a full remediation is to get the squirrels out as soon as possible. Do not wait multiple years before you call us to get squirrels out, as they continually damage stuff while the squirrels are living in the attic. 

Why do squirrels get in houses? 

Squirrels will get into houses for a number of reasons. They will chew in to give birth, attics are perfect places for squirrels to have babies. It’s protected from the elements and full of fluffy insulation that the squirrels can use for bedding. Squirrels also chew into houses when it gets cold. In nature squirrels will build nests in trees or live in hollowed out logs. Houses make even better squirrel habitats. A Lot of people will get squirrels one time and overtime they will leave. But, not for long, the squirrels will come back. They know that particular attic and they know how to get into it, so the next time it is birthing season or it gets cold the squirrels will be back. It is best to start the removal process as soon as you hear squirrels in the attic. This will limit the damage and mess they cause.