If you come home to a squirrel running around inside your home call us immediately 540-229-6139. We offer 24-hour emergency squirrel removal from houses across all of Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. Do not try this alone. We are licensed, insured and trained to deal with live animal removal. All our technicians are also vaccinated against rabies. Which could possibly be carried by squirrels. If you have a squirrel in your attic please view our Squirrel Trapping and Removal page for more information.

A Squirrel is in My House, What do I do? Call Emergency Squirrel Removal

Emergency Squirrel Removal

Do not try to remove the squirrel from your living room alone. Squirrels can become aggressive when cornered inside a home. After calling us for the emergency squirrel removal, remain calm. While we know squirrels can be scary. Do not panic they most likely will not eat you. Try and keep an eye on the squirrel. Or keep an eye on the squirrel’s general area. If possible shut the door to the room that the squirrel is inside. Try to keep him contained to one area. The squirrel will try to hide when he sees people. It is much quicker for us to find the squirrel if we have an idea of what room the squirrel is in.

If you see a squirrel in your house and think oh he will just go back out the same way he came in. That is not the case. Inside your living quarters is not the natural place for a squirrel. The squirrel is most likely trapped in your home. Once the squirrel gets trapped he will be scared to death. He will have no sense of direction. They are so scared they may not be able to find the door you left open for them to get out. Do not corner a scared squirrel. Most of all do not test his flight or fight response, it will end in stitches. Hire a trained wildlife removal specialist. We use tools such as Kevlar bite proof gloves, nets, catch poles and cages. We are trained to catch the animal as safely as possible and as quickly as possible.

How Does a Squirrel Get in My House

How does a squirrel get in my house? That is a very normal question we get when removing squirrels. After we remove the squirrel we will perform a wildlife inspection to determine the entry point. The most common ways are through a chimney. Or through the door if you left it propped open. In rare cases squirrels can scratch through the wall. Or even fall down a wall void to an unfinished basement. Upon catching the squirrel, we will determine how it got in. We may determine you need a chimney cap, or patch a hole in the roof. We can perform all repairs to keep squirrels out of your house. Except train you to keep your door shut because that is something you must learn on your own.

An emergency squirrel removal service is for when a squirrel is actively inside your living quarters. Such as squirrel in living room, squirrel in kitchen or a squirrel in your basement. While Squirrels in your attic are scary, they are not an immediate danger. We also handle squirrels in attic but we use different methods, with more trapping.