Nuisance Wildlife Inspection

Squirrel Entry Point in Roof
Clifton VA

Do you hear something moving in your attic in Virginia? Do you think it is squirrels making the animal noises in your attic but are not sure? We offer full home Nuisance Wildlife Inspection across all of Northern VA. Call today 540-229-6139. Our wildlife control experts specialize in wildlife habits and activity. We give complete inspections from ground to the peak of your roof. Also inspecting the crawlspace and attic for any signs of wildlife damage. We are not afraid to go in the attic with a mother raccoon. Or into a crawlspace with six-foot Virginia Black Snake.

What We Look for in a Nuisance Wildlife Inspection

During our Virginia nuisance animal inspection, we not only try to figure out what animal is in your house. We also try to find out how the animal got in your house. We also look for other animal signs that you may not have known about. Although not home inspectors per se, but we will take notes of anything wrong. Such as leaky roofs, destroyed ducts, bare wires. All of our inspectors have construction backgrounds and know when something just doesn’t look right. Even if it has nothing to do with wildlife, if we see something wrong we will let you know.


Nuisance Wildlife Inspection Birds in Vents

Inspecting for Birds in Vents Gainesville VA

Our inspections are from top to bottom, no matter what we treat all houses with the same level of diligence. When you call Jesse James Critter Gitters for your Virginia nuisance animal inspection you will get the best attention to detail. We will look for any entry points of any animal from the ground up.

Example Nuisance Animal Inspection

Here is an example of what we may find if you call for noises in your attic in Virginia.

We discover you have squirrels in your attic. We may also discover you have a snake and mouse entry point at your foundation. You may also be missing a few shingles or a piece of siding high up. And your gutters may be clogged.

Why Call us for Scratching in the Attic


Nuisance Wildlife Inspection Squirrel Damage

Squirrel Destruction in Attic Leesburg VA

We strive to provide complete nuisance animal inspections. We will figure out what is making noises in your attic at night and then come up with a plan to solve the issue. The nuisance wildlife inspection is one the most important aspects of wildlife removal. Whether it be an animal making noises in the attic or an animal digging under the front porch. We must first identify the issue then solve it. Would you like to leave that up to a random pest control company? Or call a certified and licensed wildlife control company that specializes in wildlife.