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Raccoon Removal Northern Virginia

Raccoon removal is one of the most exciting parts of the wildlife control job in Northern Virginia. Especially when one falls through your ceiling and destroys part of your home, then we get to chase it around the room and catch it. Do not let this happen to you, if you even think you have a raccoon living in your home please call a raccoon removal specialist as soon as possible. Jesse James Critter Gitters specializes in all kinds of raccoon removal. Whether it be raccoons in trash cans, raccoons in chimneys, raccoons in gardens and raccoons in attics.

Raccoons are very destructive and dangerous to humans, they are carriers of rabies and other viruses. Raccoons also defecate in the same spot known as toilets which is often times in or on a home. There feces can contain the eggs to raccoon roundworm. Raccoon roundworm eggs are so strong they can not even be killed by bleach. They must be burned, they are very dangerous and make many people sick every year. Even if the raccoon in your home is completely disease free it is still extremely dangerous. Raccoons can get up to 30 lbs and are lean, mean, fighting machines. If you see a raccoon in Northern Virginia please call a professional raccoon removal expert to handle the situation.

The easiest way to keep raccoons out of your home is to not openly invite them. Keep trash cans inside your garage until the morning it is picked up. Keep dog food indoors where raccoons can not get to it. Especially close your doggy doors as raccoons are the same size as dogs and can easily enter your home through such doors. If you have attic vents that are old or ripped open get them sealed up or before a raccoon or other animal decides to make a home in your attic.

Raccoons in chimneys are another problem in Northern Virginia. It is much easier to put a solid chimney cap on now, than it is to remove a mother raccoon and her young from a chimney later. Remember an ounce or prevention is worth an pound of cure. Jesse James Critter Gitters does do preemptive work to raccoon proof your home.