Birds in Vents Nest Removal

Birds in Vents Removal Loudon County Va

Birds in Vents are a very common issue across much of Northern Virginia. Most common is a  bird in dryer vent, bird in bathroom vents and a bird in oven vent. Come spring you may start to hear birds scratching in your vents. Or maybe you hear birds chirping in you vents. This is extremely common. There are many species or types of birds that will live in a vent. 99% of the time though the bird nesting in the vent is either an European Starling or and English House Sparrow. Both of these types of birds are invasive species. They are not protected and their bird nest can be removed from the vent at any time.

Starlings can breed on average 2-3 times a year starting in early spring. So call a bird removal pest control company today 540-229-6139. It is best to get bird removal from vents as soon as you start to hear them in the spring. Some areas are worse than others we find that the Loudon County and Prince William County area have more bird in vent issues. Bird in vents are still common from Fredericksburg to Woodbridge to Fairfax.

How to Tell that you have Birds in Vents

Do you think you have birds in vents but are not sure if you need bird removal? There are a few simple ways to determine if starlings or other birds are nesting in your bathroom vent or dryer vent. Most vents are made of metal and the birds make lots of noise when building a nest in your. If you suspect you have a bird issue, look on the outside of the house at the vent. Birds nest are normally able to be seen sticking out of the vent. Or if you wait a little while you may see the bird go in your vent, they simply pick up the vent flap and walk through.

Looking at the siding below the vent will also give signs of bird infestation. There will normally be bird droppings all over the siding on the side of the home that needs bird vent removal. If you notice your dryer is taking to long to dry, check for a birds nest immediately. If the dryer is saying vent is blocked it is most likely a birds nest in your dryer vent.

Health and Safety Factors of Birds living in Vents

Birds in Vents

Birds Nest in Vent
Prince William County VA

First and foremost birds living in vents are annoying, especially after the chicks hatch in the vent. The birds also contaminate the vent and surrounding area with their feces and egg yolks. Birds and their feces also carry a number of disease and parasites that can be harmful to humans. Starlings spread diseases such as salmonellosis and histoplasmosis. Birds are also a very good host for bird mites and fleas. Bird mites are very common in birds in vents in Virginia. Bird mites can not feed off humans however and will eventually leave once the bird vent removal has been completed. Bird’s nests also attract other animals to you home. Most notably they attract snakes. Birds, chicks and eggs are all food sources for snake. Remove the birds now, don’t give a reason for snakes to be attracted to your home.

Birds nest in vents are also fire hazards. Especially when a dryer vent is clogged not allowing the hot air out. This causes a back up of lint to the dryer. Lint and heat do not mix. Birds nest can also be fire hazards in other vents especially if the nest is close to the fan. The vent fan may heat up and the nest dry, those are not a good combination. It is simple if a bird has a nest in any of your vent just have it removed and cleaned. Protect your family. Call a professional bird removal pest control company today.

Our Birds Nest Removal Process

During the spring through fall we do bird in vent calls almost every day. We have become specialized in removing birds from vents and other areas of your home. Determining if the birds are still in the nest is our first step. If they are we get the birds out of the vent. Installing a device over the vent to allows the birds to fly out but not get back in. A number of specialized tools are then used to remove a bird nest from a vent. After removing the nest from the vent we will disinfect and deodorize the vent. Now that you have a bird free vent we will install a bird vent guard to protect the vent from future birds. We also recommend installing vent guards on all other vents at the same time.