If you have a bat currently in the living quarters of your house please call us 540-229-6139 immediately for Emergency Bat Removal Services. We offer Emergency Bat Removal Services. Servicing Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas from Fredericksburg, VA to Leesburg, VA.

People always wonder who to call when there is a bat in the house. Call a professional bat removal company. Bats in your home is not something to play with. Do not attempt to touch the bat. They could potentially carry rabies. Let a trained bat removal expert take care of it. We have highly trained bat removal specialist. The bat specialist use a variety of tools from Kevlar bite proof gloves to extendable pole nets. All of our Bat specialist are also pre vaccinated for rabies.

Bat in Living Room, What do you do now?

Emergency Bat Removal Services

First call Jesse James Critter Gitters bat removal specialist. If you do have a bat in the house, please keep an eye on the bat. Contain it to one room until we arrive so it is easier to locate the bat and remove the bat. Do not allow the bat to go outside. A bat can live in a house for over week and have extremely small teeth. You might not be able to tell if they bit you in your sleep. Also if you have any infants, elderly or mentally incapacitated or under the influence adults that cannot tell you if they were bitten by a bat. We take all bats removed from inside the living quarters of a home. Then delivering them to the Health Department to have them tested for rabies. It is better to be safe than sorry with bats and rabies.

We often get calls for bats flying around the living room or bats flying around the bedroom. Please contain the bat flying around the houses to one room or area until we get there to find the bat in the house. We will get there as promptly as we can, if the bat is contained we will search the area and remove the bat. Any bat we catch in the living quarters of a house will be taken to the health department and tested for rabies. Bats can hide in a house very well. We often find bats hanging in the curtains, clothes and sometimes the bats are hanging behind picture frames. We do have thermal imaging cameras to help us search for the bat they help significantly.

What Happens After an Emergency Bat Removal?

Once we have removed the bat from in your house we will try and determine if you have a bat colony in the attic. Most likely that is the case, If you have a bat in the house then there is normally a colony of bats in your home somewhere. If we do find an active bat colony then we will work with you to evict the bats from your entire home. We are Northern Viginia’s best bat exclusion company.