Bird Noises in Wall

Chirp, Chirp, Scratch, Scratch; sound familiar? You may have a bird in the wall or ceiling. Jesse James Critter Gitters offers bird in wall removal from the entire Northern Virginia area. Including Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlinton, Alexandria, Prince William, Fauquier and Stafford Counties. We specialize in humane bird removal, safe birds nest removal, bird feces removal and bird proofing to keep birds out. We are trained in bird removal from behind drywall, Birds in vents and birds behind microwaves.
Common Complaints of birds in walls.

  • Hearing birds behind drywall
  • Birds in ceiling
  • Noises in vents
  • Running around roof
  • Hearing birds flapping
  • Pecking walls
  • Smell birds nest

Bird in Wall Issues

Birds can pose a number of issues if they are in your wall. The birds could have gotten in from a number of entry points including the roof line, open vents, missing siding, rotten wood or missing shingles. Most of the time birds in walls and ceilings will build birds nest in the wall. But, occasionally we will get a call for a bird stuck in the wall. Birds in the walls and ceilings pose a serious health risk. There feces pile up inside the walls as well as nesting material. There are many pathogens associated with bird feces and birds nest in Northern Virginia. Birds in Northern Virginia are also a host for birds Mites.

As the birds begin nesting you will begin to hear and smell the nest in the wall. Over time as the defecate more and the nest deteriorates it will smell worse. Birds in walls in Northern Virginia are also a common carrier of bird mites. Once the birds are removed the nest will still smell. The bird mites will also start looking for another host. It is essential that the birds nest be removed and bird mites be treated by a professional bird removal pest control company.

Safe Removal of Birds in Walls

Either way the bird needs to be removed by a humane bird removal company. Our bird removal specialist will use a combination of modern techniques and good old ingenuity to solve your bird issue. If the bird can find the entry point we may install a one way door for birds. If the bird is stuck in the wall of your home, our bird control specialist may have to cut him out and remove him by hand. Then we need to remove the birds nest from the wall and clean the area.

The area should be sanitized and treated for bird mites from a licensed bird control and pest control company. The final step is to repair any entry points that allowed the birds to get it. Whether it be closing up the hole in the siding, installing a bird guard or fixing the roof where the bird gained entry. All bird entry points must be sealed. Let our qualified Bird Removal Company experts help you.