Emergency Squirrel Removal

If you have a squirrel actively running around in your Northern Virginia home call us immediately 540-229-6139 for 24/7 emergency squirrel removal. Then go to our Emergency Squirrel Removal page for tips to handle the situation until we get there. We offer 24-7 emergency squirrel removal from inside homes and businesses across Northern Virginia. Jesse James Critter Gitters also specializes in squirrel trapping and removal from attics and walls.

Squirrel Removal Specialist

Squirrel Removal

All squirrel trapping and removal companies are definitely not the same. Here at Jesse James Critter Gitters we specialize in wildlife with an emphasis on squirrel trapping and removal. Squirrels in attics is one of our main calls from customers. We have developed a proven plan to consistently fix squirrel issues. Our goal is to get the squirrels out as soon as possible, monitor the hole to be sure they are out and then fix the entry point. Upon arriving we will give a full home assessment which includes us climbing up on the roof (yes with ladders) to find the entry points and checking the attic to find out the degree of damage. Then we will begin our work. We start the squirrel trapping and removal process the first day we come out.
Squirrel Removal Process
Most companies go up into the attic and set traps. Since the trapping law in Virginia says we must check our traps every day (including weekends and holidays) we do not set any squirrel traps in the attic. This is a major inconvenience for the customer and is simply not needed. Unlike other company’s we actually climb up on the outside of your home to the entry point and install our traps at the entry points. We also install an animal activity monitor over the entry point to makes sure we caught them all. Once we are sure they are all gone we remove the traps and seal the squirrel entry points. This should take an average of 3-5 days to get rid of the squirrels.

There are squirrel removal pest control companies who will set their traps in the attic. Then they will try and fix the hole from inside. If you have ever been in an attic you know most likely you cannot reach the eaves where squirrels enter. They will also simply look and say they didn’t see anything so the attic is empty. What if the squirrel was hiding under some insulation. It is imperative that the squirrel entry point have an activity monitor over it to make sure there are no squirrels left inside. And then repair the hole to prevent future squirrel entry into the attic. If you want it done right; “don’t call the company that spends all their time advertising, call the company that spends all their time specializing.” Jesse James Critter Gitters Squirrel Trapping and Removal Specialist Company.

Squirrel Damage in Attics

Squirrel removal

Squirrels are very cute and cuddly creatures and are great to watch eat acorns on the tree next to your house. Virginia Squirrels are not however very fun when they get into your attic or wall spaces. They can be extremely destructive causing thousands of dollars in damage if left uncontrolled. Squirrels constantly have to chew. And what better thing to chew on in your attic than live electric wires. Squirrels cause thousands of home fires every year from chewing wires. Squirrels will also chew and destroy heat duct lines in your attic. Wonder why the heat bill is so much, maybe the duct line was torn open by a squirrel.

Squirrels also contaminate attics with their urine, feces and other excrements. The longer they occupy an attic the more contaminated it becomes. Depending on how bad the contamination is wesometimes have to apply disinfectants to the areas the squirrel resided. Squirrels also run on top of the insulation in your attic matting it down. This destroys the insulation value (R-value) or the attic. There have been attics where the contamination and destruction were so bad that our team has had to remove all of the insulation, apply disinfectants and re-install new insulation. Remember this is something that takes time. So removing the squirrels as soon as possible is very important. Do not wait till next year to call a squirrel removal company.

Squirrel Damage to Homes

Squirrels also damage the exterior of your home to get in. Unless your house already came with squirrel size gaps, which we hope not. Common entry points for squirrels include sitting in the gutter and chewing through the fascia. Squirrels can chew through the ridge vent on the roof. They will destroy your attic vents. Squirrels can also chew through your soffits. The longer the squirrels are left in the attic the more damage they will do. Why have one door when they can have two, that is a squirrel’s mindset. A lot of these entry points also allow the weather to get in. Many times, we have gotten called by roofers to come catch squirrels at their customers home. The customers reported a roof leak caused by a squirrel hole. The faster the squirrels are removed the less damage takes place.

Jesse James Critter Gitters is licensed and insured to handle all repairs (except electrical) to your home. We have teams that can do everything from replacing