Northern Virginia Skunk Removal

skunk removal

Skunk removal is a very common call in Northern Virginia. We cover everything from trapping and removal of skunks to exclusion of property to keep the skunks out. And if you happen to catch a skunk on your own and need somebody to remove it just give us a call. Jesse James Critter Gitters has proven methods to remove skunks without letting them spray.

Although quite bueatifull little creatures with their silky black hair with pearly white stripes., are not as friendly as your average house cats. The North American Stripped Skunk is anywhere from 5- 15 lbs and cover all of the continental North America. Skunks have highly developed anal glands that can spray a stream of scent up to 30′. They eat anything from vegetation to grubs to moles. Skunks are perfectly fine when they are living out in the wild happily spraying only predators that try to eat it.

But they become a problem when skunks live under decks, especially when skunks spray under decks. They also dig little funnel like wholes in peoples yard when they are looking for grubs and other insects. Also, skunks get stuck in window wells, they fall in and are not very good climbers so then they can’t get out. But, the number one problem when skunks interact with people is that people do not understand how to act around skunks. When people try to perform their own skunk removal they normal put to much stress on the skunk or themselves, in the end it is just easier to call a skunk removal professional.

If you see a skunk when you are outdoors, we recommend that you do not go up and try and feed or pet the creature. Unless you do not like your spouse because if you get sprayed, they will leave you. When you see a skunk simply stay calm and move slowly, they are limited in the amount of spray they have and do not waste it unless they feel really threatened.

So if you have a skunk that is frequenting your property. Don’t try and handle it your own, that is how most people mess up and end up getting sprayed. Call Jesse James Critter Gitters we are skunk removal specialist, we can both trap and remove skunks without them spraying. We also will come pick up a skunk in your trap and remove it.

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