birds in soffitJesse James Critter Gitters are trained bird removal specialists in Northern Virginia. Do you hear birds running in the soffit? One of the main areas we receive bird complaints is when a customer have birds in the soffit. There are many ways birds get in the soffit. We will look for how the birds got in and then determine how to get them out and bird proof the area. Once a bird gets in the soffit it will have access to the entire attic. This is the number one way birds get into attics.

How do Birds Get in Soffits

In Northern Virginia the majority of our soffits are vinyl and some have wood with screening. The birds will either find a gap or hole in the soffit that allows them to fly in. A common area is where the soffit meets a roof line, there is normally a gap in the siding there. A bird will use the siding gap to enter then will normally nest on the soffit or the bird may nest in the attic.

Birds may also use the gutter area to gain entry into the soffit. Between the roof plywood and the fascia board there is sometimes a gap. It should be covered with metal but not always. If this gap exists, the birds will get in above the gutters.

Other common bird problems on roofs

  • Birds in exhaust vents
  • Birds in Gables
  • Birds in Gutters
  • Birds in attics
  • Birds in ceilings
  • Birds in roof vents
  • Birds in ridge vents
  • Birds on roofs.

How we get the birds out.

Our birds removal specialist first starts by identifying the bird species in your home. Depending on the species and what they are doing with tell us what we can do to get them out. Some bird species are protected and even if they are in your attic we can not touch them. Luckily the most common birds in soffits are European Starlings and English House Sparrows. Both of which are invasive and unprotected.

Once our technician determines the species of bird they will inspect the area for any bird entry points in the roof and soffit areas. We can then determine the best plan of action, whether it be hand removal or the use of a one way bird door. We will then be able to remove the birds nest, we may need to remove a piece of soffit or two. We can then clean the bird nesting area and disinfect the area. Our technicians are trained in birds nest removal and carry proper protective equipment such as respirators and gloves to safely remove the birds nest. After the birds are gone and the nest is removed we will repair the birds entry point and bird proof the area.

Remember it is highly important to first determine the species of bird. Our bird removal experts are trained in identifying the different types of birds in Northern Virginia. Including Fairfax, Prince William, Loudon, Alexandria, Arlington, Fauquier, Stafford, Fredericksburg and Culpeper.