Remove a Groundhog Save a Foundation

Groundhog removal

Groundhog removed from foundations

Remove a groundhog save a foundation. Groundhog also known as Woodchucks, trapping is very important to homeowner for many reasons. Woodchucks instinctively dig their entire life. Sometimes a groundhog will dig under a shed, a home, a barn or a porch. All of these structures have foundations and groundhogs digging destroys foundations. Nothing is worse than walking out on your deck one evening and noticing that your deck is leaning because a woodchuck dug under foundation. As the groundhog digs burrows it makes a tunnel that can collapse, in turn collapsing your foundation. You may have had woodchucks for years and then bam, the foundation is destroyed. Do not let this happen to you. If you think you have a ground hog call us and let us remove a woodchuck to save your foundation. Our motto is “Remove a groundhog today, let your foundation stay”. After trapping the woodchuck we can install a professional an animal barrier to keep the woodchuck out from under the foundation. This groundhog barrier eliminates any possible chance of something under your shed or deck. It is installed to keep wildlife from chipmunks to raccoons and ground hogs out from under foundations.

Maybe you have a problem with a woodchuck not under your foundation. Ground hogs love to eat flowers, and other green vegetation. We constantly get calls for a ground hog destroying my garden. It is very simple, there are no repellents to keep woodchucks from entering a garden or from eating your shrubbery. You could make the garden ground hog proof, which is possible but requires fencing around your garden that is normally not ascetically pleasing. A professional groundhog trapper is the best way to proceed. Simply remove the intruding woodchuck from the property. Here at Jesse James Critter Gitters we are trained to professionally catch, handle and transport groundhogs. After the woodchuck is removed the hole can be filled in and packed so a new woodchuck does not find it easily.