Nuisance Animals

We are your Northern Virginia Raccoon removal specialist. In Northern Virginia raccoons are a huge nuisance, they are very strong and agile which allows them to be very destructive. Raccoons are very good climbers and will get in all parts of a dwelling; mostly people get raccoons in attics and raccoons in crawlspaces. These animals can also be very aggressive especially when their young are in the dwelling also. They are also one of the main culprits that will kill your chickens. IF you feel like raccoons are causing damage to your property call us for all of your raccoon trapping needs. Not only can we trap and remove the raccoons but we can also fix the raccoon damage.


Do you hear things running around your attic, there is a good chance that it is squirrels. Squirrel trapping and removal is one our main specialties in Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia is home to both grey squirrels and flying squirrels. Remember grey squirrels move in the daytime and flying squirrels are nocturnal, that will help you determine what species you have.. Since squirrels are such good climbers and need a place to raise their young, or stay warm in the winter, they will easily chew into your attic through your soffits, eaves and fascia. They are very destructive in an attic by chewing wires and destroying insulation. So before you pull all your hair out because you can’t deal with squirrels constantly running in your attic, call us for professional squirrel trapping and removal. We also offer Emergency Squirrel Removal incase you come home to find a squirrel inside your home.

skunk removal


Even though skunks are quite cute and cudly do not approach them, you will not like the outcome. The most common destruction by skunks are when the dig up your yard/garden looking for grubs and other stuff to eat. Lots of times they will use your crawlspace or under your deck as their den. Jesse James Critter Gitters is highly trained in the removal of skunks and has a system so that the skunk doesn’t spray.


If you have beavers then you already know what your problem is. They are large animals that grow up to 70lbs and are extremely destructive. They flood creek bottoms and can cut down very expensive trees. Most likely if there are beavers there are more than one as they are family groups.


Groundhogs are very common animals across Virginia, they dig holes and live off vegetation. Most of the time there diet is grass, but when they decide to eat your shrubs and flowers they can be devastating. They are also very dangerous as they are extremely tough and dogs tend to attack them without know the capabilities of a groundhog. One fun fact about groundhogs is they can climb trees.

Emergency Snake Removal


Snakes are not dangerous and are good to have around. But if one gets in your house or your pool do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call us we are trained in identifying snakes and in handling them. If you have a snake in your house and are scared, do not mess with it. Simply call us and keep an eye on it till we get there. We provide emergency snake removal. After snake removal we will snake proof your home to make sure you never have a snake inside again.


Have you seen a large hairy creature walking around your property, do you think it is a bigfoot. We are your bigfoot solution, we are experimenting with all types of bigfoot traps but have not connected yet. Your property could be the one where bigfoot is captured.

bird removal


Birds carry many diseases and mites. We deal with all types of bird issues, but the main issues to residential customers is birds in vents. We get the birds out, clean up the nest and repair the vents, we also put new pest proof covers over the vents so no birds can gain entry in the future Moles are very damaging to a yard; they are a hazard to walk across. They are also very hard to catch without the right approach, most thing that are sold in the stores to deter moles are gimmicks anyways. Any wildlife control operator will tell you the only way to control moles is through the use of traps. Jesse James Critter Gitters has lots of mole traps and know how to use the proficiently so call us to save your lawn.


We deal with two main species of bat in VA, the Little Brown Bat the Big Brown Bat. If you find a live bat in your house living space please do not let it outside, call us for Emergency Bat Removal services.  We come and catch the bat to make sure it does not have rabies. We also get bats out of attics/walls through bat exclusions and bat proofing. Jesse James Critter Gitters is Bat Standards certified by the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Association for bat removal and exclusion.