Squirrels in Attics

Squirrels in Attics

Squirrel destruction in Attic, Northern Virginia


Squirrels in Attics are one of Northern Virginia’s greatest wildlife control issues. Jesse James Critter Gitters are professionally trained to effectively remove squirrels from attics. Although Squirrels may look all cute and cuddly when they sit on the park bench and eat your peanuts, squirrels in attics are much more ferocious.  Squirrels in attics can cause costly damage ; squirrels chewing on wires can start fires, they chew on wood, and they can also destroy insulation. Squirrels will enter your attic for a variety of reasons, and can range from squirrels nesting in your attic to escaping the elements, or simply using your attic as a pantry where they store their food during winter.

There are a few simple observations that suggest squirrels are making a home in your attic. Grey squirrels are active the most during the day, and they chew holes approximately the size of a baseball. Squirrels are also rodents which means their teeth never stop growing; this means they continuously chew on surrounding wood, such as rafters. If left unattended long enough, it is possible that squirrels can chew enough to weaken the rafters in your attic. Some things that a homeowner can do to deter squirrels getting in attics is to cut all branches from trees at least 10 feet away from the structure. Also remove bird feeders from around the structure as this will attract squirrels from other areas to your home.

If you hear what you perceive to be squirrels in your attic please call us as soon as possible before the squirrels cause too much damage. Not only can Jesse James Critter Gitters catch all the squirrels in your attic, we can also install exclusion materials that will prevent squirrels from ever entering your home in the future.

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