If you have a bat flying around inside your home call us now 540-229-6139 for Emergency Bat Removal Services across Northern Virginia. Bats in Houses require immediate capture and removal.

Bat removal in Northern Virginia is a very specialized job. Bat eviction and Bat Exclusion is the best only way to solve a bat issue. Bats tend to favor older homes or bats in newer homes that were just not built as tight. Bats in houses are very prevalent in areas such as Fairfax VA, Loudon Va and Fredericksburg Va. They can live in a number of structures. We have excluded bats from churches, houses, commercial buildings and even farm buildings. Bats like to roost anywhere that is dark and secluded. This is why bats in the attic is such a common problem.

 Jesse James Critter Gitters LLC bat removal specialist are highly trained and experienced in all bat eviction and bat exclusion techniques. Northern Virginia bats are a very important part of our ecosystem. Bats are insectivores, they are a huge predator of bugs eating almost half of their body weight a night in insects. Bats love mosquitos. So, do not be alarmed if you see bats flying around your yard at night in Fairfax County, he is just eating your mosquitos.

Potential Health Hazards From Bats in Houses

bats in houses

Bats in Vent Haymarket VA

Most of the time bats are very important to have around. Bats in houses are when it becomes a bigger issue. There are a number of threats bats in attics pose. Bats are a rabies vector species. Some bats in Virginia have tested positive for rabies. Rabies is 100% fatal to humans unless post-exposure shots are taken. If you have been bitten by any animal please consult with your doctor about the possibility of needing rabies post-exposure shots.

Bats normally live in bat colonies in the attic, sometimes an individual bat will get lost and you will find a bat in your living room or other living quarters of your house. We have even found bats in basements. Bats can live in your house for over a week. If anybody comes into contact with a bat, the bat must be tested for rabies, we take every bat caught in the living quarters of the home and get them tested for rabies. Since bats can live in your house for so long and they can bite you without you feeling it due to bats little teeth. We feel that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Bat Guano and Histoplasmosis

Bat colonies in attics also produce a lot of guano(feces). The guano in attics will accumulate over time and can pose potential risk to the occupants of the home. There is a fungus, called histo, that can grow on the bat guano in the attic. When the guano is disturbed it releases spores that humans can breathe in and the fungus will spread to your lungs causing Histoplasmosis. This is a very serious illness.

If you do have bat guano in your attic from years of bats in your house, the best thing to do is to remove all of the guano and contaminated insulation. Then disinfect the entire area and install new insulation. We are professionals at bat guano cleanup. Not only do we provide bat guano removal services. We also can remove the contaminated insulation and install new insulation.

Bat Bugs

Bats in Houses

Some bats in houses colonies also have bat bugs. Bat bugs look like bed bugs. They are fairly common on Northern Virginia bat colonies. Humans can be bitten by bat bugs although they cannot survive off of human blood like a bed bug can. When we get bats out of your house we will check for bat bugs in house. Then if bat bugs are present will can spray for them and fix the issue.
The best thing to do if you have a colony of bats in the house is to get a complete bat exclusion. It is very hard to get bats out on your own. So give us or another qualified bat removal company in Northern Virginia a call. Do not let the bat problem in your home get worse.