Types of Roaches

While there are about 4000 species of cockroaches in the world there are only a few that will commonly be found in homes here in Midland. The German Cockroach is 13-16mm long and is brown. It is the fastest producing roach. The American Cockroach is dark reddish-brown and can be as long as 53mm. This species can fly and can live up to two years.. The Brown Banded Cockroach is about 13mm long and only the males can fly but they can all jump. Finally, the Oriental Cockroach is dark brown and shiny, ranging from 25-32mm and they can not fly. If done incorrectly, controlling these pests can be quite challenging and most people do not control them well without professional help. They breed very fast and hide very well so getting to the source of the problem is like racing against a clock as more and more are produced. They are usually nocturnal so the few you can see are just a small fraction of the population in your home. They love dark places like behind your kitchen appliances, under the sink, under countertops and even behind wallpaper. Calling in a professional is the best way to find where they are hiding and exterminate them quickly. You may need to have repeat treatments to fully rid your home of roaches and keep them out.

Why do I have Roaches in my Midland home?

Over the years people have been taught that roaches are only found in dirty homes. While an unsanitary environment can contribute it is absolutely not the only reason for roach infestations. Many types of roaches fly and are attracted to light. Open doors at night can let them into your Midland home and because they multiply so fast, this can lead to a problem in no time at all in even the cleanest of homes. If you live in an apartment or any home that is attached to other homes you may have a problem if a neighbor has roaches and they have come into your attached home. In any case, extermination and repeat treatments are necessary to keep them out.


What problems can Cockroaches cause?

Not only are they an annoyance, they can carry diseases and pass them on to humans. They are usually found in kitchens where dishes and food are kept. Food that we eat and dishes we eat off of are contaminated by them. They most commonly transmit E. coli and Salmonella in food. You may also see allergies worsen the longer you have an infestation.


Cockroach Extermination

When it comes to roaches you are fighting a war. Going into this war with store bought products is not going to be effective. You will lose battle after battle. Roaches are tolerant to most of these products and if you are not finding the hiding spaces you will never rid your home of these awful pests. You need the knowledge, experience and materials that our team has to offer. We will use effective insecticides safely in your home in Midland. Our years of experience will help us to locate the places they are hiding. Call us to inspect your home at the first sign of a problem. If you see any roaches or droppings do not allow time for them to multiply. Remember that if you see a few, there are definitely more. Get help from the professionals before your home becomes infested.