Ant Control

One of the most common pests that can appear in a home are ants. There are many varieties of them in Fredericksburg and usually the ones you can see are only a small part of the problem. It’s the ones you can’t see that cause the most problems. Any time ants are present, there is a colony. Until the colony is located and eliminated, there will be more and more ants and any effort you make to control them will be pointless. It is difficult to locate the colony, especially if it is outside. It is a good idea to have professional exterminators inspect the problem and locate the colony. We can do that for you.


Why do I have ants in my Fredericksburg home?

Ants, like most other creatures, are always in search of food. Dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs, overflowing trash and spills can all attract ants. Keeping your kitchen clean and your floors swept are the first step to keeping ants out. Whether it is a seasonal problem for you or year round, ants are a nuisance. They will come into your house for food and take it back out to their colony. That is why it is so important to have a professional exterminator involved in the process of locating and exterminating them. They will be attracted to places with moisture, like window frames or under your floor and once they find a way in, they will continue to use it.

How do you control ants?

The first step is to identify the type of ant that is invading your Fredericksburg home. There are many types of ants ranging from sugar ants to carpenter ants with many others in between and each type has a different behavior. It is important to remember that ants are a part of a colony. These colonies can include up to 500,000 ants and they move as a group. There is a Queen in the colony and worker ants that go out to find food. This is why the few you see in your home are only the tip of the iceberg. You have to target the colony to rid your home of these pests. The worker ants that enter your home leave a trail of pheromones that create a way for others to follow them in. The best way to reach the colony is to bait the workers with what seems like a source of food and have them take it back to the colony and the queen. This way, you are attacking the source of the problem. We can identify the type of ants you have and the best products to use to target and eliminate your ant problem. Call us for an inspection as soon as you see them. Remember, by the time you see them, the problem is already bigger than you know.

Ant Extermination

Eliminating ants from your home may mean treating the inside and outside of your home in Fredericksburg. The goal is to keep them from getting in, so treating the outside of the home can be a vital part of the treatment. Ants will make their way in through tiny cracks in your home around window sills or doors. Especially in areas with a lot of moisture. Locating the entry point can be tricky. We will locate them and set the best bait possible to treat the specific type of ant in your house. Call us to schedule an inspection today.