For emergency snake removal service call now 540-229-6139. We are experienced Northern Virginia Snake Proofing Company experts. When you call us with a snake problem in Virginia we do a thorough and complete job to fix your issues and snake proof your house. When we get a Northern Virginia Snake Removal Complaint our process is as follows

Snake Proofing Process

Snake Proofing

·         Inspect entire property for snakes or snake activity

·         Remove any snakes found on property

·         Search for how snakes are getting into your house

·         Seal and repair all snake entry points

·         Your house is then snake free

·         Remove snake skins from house, if any

How do snakes get in my house? Snakes get in houses many ways. Snakes can enter around utility lines, vents, siding gaps, and through multiple construction gaps around the roof. People often ask, can a snake climb up a house? Yes, some snakes are very good climbers. Another main snake entry point is the siding to foundation gap, it is normally close to the ground and gives easy access for snakes in the basement.

We split snake proofing in Virginia into two categories, venomous snakes and non-venomous snakes. Virginia venomous snakes are not very good climbers and will only enter snake entry points close to the ground level of the home. Non-venomous snakes are amazing climbers, especially the Black Rat Snake, this is why we constantly are removing snakes from attics in Northern Virginia or finding snake skins in attics. To effectively seal out non-venomous snakes we must seal every snake entry point on the home from top to bottom.

How to Keep Snake Out

First we asses the entire property during our Nuisance Wildlife Inspection. Once we have located all the potential entry points we will snake proof your home. We use highly flexible sealants to keep snakes out. In Northern Virginia most building materials move with the heat and cold. to keep the snake entry points sealed the sealants must be able to flex in order to keep snakes out for years to come. Snake proofing is a very specialized profession in Virginia, if you seal up 90% of the home but miss just a few spots the snakes will find a way in.

Snake Proofing

Snakes Get in Under Siding
Sterling VA

We can also provide snake trapping programs for both the inside or outside of your home. Snake trapping is all about placement, we put the traps in areas that snakes will love and then come back and remove the snake capture. We also have a snake lure consisting mostly of mouse urine (snakes’ favorite food in your home), we put the snake bait in the traps as well. Also if there is a good chance a snake is inside when we snake proof your home, we will put some snake traps inside your home to catch the snake sealed inside.

Snake Skin Removal

Now that you have a snake free home, what are you going to do about the snake skins in your attic? We will remove all of the snake skins from your attic after we perform a proper snake exclusion. Once you get snakes out you do not want to be stuck with a bunch of ugly skins. Especially if you ever go to sell your home. It may be a snake free house. But the home inspector may think your house is snake infested due to the number of snake skins in the house. We will remove all the snake skins in attic. As well as snake skins in crawlspace.


So, if you want to sleep well at night and want to be sure your house in Northern Virginia is snake proof. Be sure to call professional snake removal company. Snake trapping and Snake removal are also regulated by the state and require a state licensed snake trapper. A handy man with a can of foam is not going to accomplish any snake proofing. Here at Jesse James Critter Gitters, LLC we strive to provide complete solutions to your snake issues. We have years of snake handling and snake proofing experience.