Our Services


We provide a full sight inspection that includes inspecting the entire exterior of your home and the interior from crawlspace wildlife inspections to attic wildlife inspections. We have a variety of tools to better serve our customers, including heat sensing cameras and inspection scopes. We offer a full thermal wildlife inspection of your home upon request. We then give you a description of your wildlife issues and ways to solve  your wildlife problems.

Wildlife Control

There are multiple ways to perform wildlife control in Northern Virginia. Here at Jesse James Critter Gitters we like to offer the most humane solutions to your wildlife problems, it is easy to simply trap animals, but sometimes it is more humane to install one-way doors and exclude the animal. But we prefer to have a more integrated approach, not only do we remove the animal but can animal proof your home for future problems. For a short example: if you have birds nesting in vents it is better to scare the birds out and put vent covers over the vents than it is to catch the birds.

Wildlife Removal

As highly trained nuisance wildlife removal professionals we strive to be as humane as possible when removing nuisance wildlife. We are licensed by the state of Virginia to trap and remove any animal that is causing a nuisance.  We use many different techniques from cage trapping wildlife to hand catching, whichever the situation requires. One way doors are also used whenever practical to control wildlife. The dispositions of all animals are in accordance with all state and federal guidelines.

Cleanup/ Disinfect/ Deodorize

After we remove the animal from your property there are still unwanted mess in where the animal was living. There can be all types of bio-hazards left behind by nuisance wildlife from animal feces in your crawlspace to old nesting materials in your attic and sometimes even dead young. Not only will we clean out the area the animal was inhabiting but we will also disinfect and deodorize the area.

Damage Repair/Exclusion

Removing the animal is only half of the problem. Once it is removed if its point of entry is not sealed up, another wild animal will investigate and that animal will re-invade your home. We are highly skilled craftsman that can repair the wildlife’s damage and apply exclusion materials to keep anymore animals from entering your home. From wrapping soffit in metal to screening vents with heavy duty mesh, we are confident that we can keep any wildlife out of your home.


Attic Remediation/ Insulation Replacement

Where does wildlife love to live in Northern Virginia, in peoples attics. Attics can be home to a number of species of wildlife. Some species can destroy an attic, this is common for raccoons in attics, bats in attics, flying squirrels in attics and sometimes birds in attics. Sometimes there the damage is so bad that the entire attic must be replaced. When animals defecate, build nest, and compress your attic it also ruins your R-value causing your utility bill to increase. Jesse James Critter Gitters is capable of removing the insulation disinfecting the attic and replacing with new insulation. It is very important that you hire someone with experience when dealing with attic remediation from wildlife damage due to health risk. We use multiple machines and filters to protect both us and you from the harmful particles that are put in the air when working in the attic. For the safety of you and the ones around you, even if you don’t hire us, Hire a Professional you do not want to put yourself at risk of contracting a serious disease.

Dead Animal Removal


Sometimes animals will get in your house and die. They will go to the cool dark places to die alone this is normally in a hard to access place in your home. When this happens call us, we will remove the animal and disinfect the area where it was. We do not advice homeowners to do this on their own because of such a high risk of catching a disease from the dead animal. We also have the equipment and facilities to remove large deceased animals such as deer, cows and horses.